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Energy Formula’s commercial solar power systems offer our clients superior designs and innovative technology. Our solar power system designs achieve great returns on investment for our clients. We help companies reach the goal of the Triple Bottom Line: people, profit and planet.

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Will Investing in a Solar Panel System Help You?


When you select Energy Formula as your partner for your solar and energy solutions, you’re investing in the design, planning and installation of a high-performing system that can maintain your operations at peak performance. 

Whether you require a commercial solar system, an industrial solar farm for your business, hospital, school, data centre, shopping complex or mining project, our Commercial Solar System is a custom designed solution that can assist you with specific energy and power problems you may experience in your daily operations, so that power is never an issue. 

If you have an adequate PV system in place, we can help optimise your energy generation system with a battery storage system.  If you need a PV solution, we can ensure you have the best system to maximise the storage capabilities of your battery storage system.  Our PV solar panel systems carry an industry-standard 25 year warranty.  Our battery storage systems carry an industry-standard 10 year warranty. 

Our Five Step Method for Buying a Commercial Solar System


Assess site for electricity needs and solar generation potential


Design a system to maximise solar production and energy storage according to your requirements


Project manage all approvals required, construction and maintenance of your Fluid Power System


Manage application for relative incentives, solar feed-in Tariffs and grid connection


Monitoring of energy production, consumption and quality of output at providing cost-effective maintenance

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