What is Solar Energy & How do Solar Panels work?

What Is Solar Energy And How Does It Work?

Everyone’s talking about solar energy, but not many people know exactly how it works when a home is already attached to an existing power grid. How do solar panels give you just the right amount of energy? And how do solar panels actually power your home? It’s all answered here.

What is solar energy actually?

Most people know that solar energy is using the natural and renewable power of the sun to power their home and its various electrical appliances and processes. However, it’s not as simple as orienting the sun in the direction of your plug and using its power. Solar energy comes from converting the rays of the sun to usable, electrical energy. This is done through the capturing of its rays in solar panels. Instead of your light switch being powered by fossil fuels and other classic options, it is powered by the sun!

How do solar panels convert sunshine into usable energy?

The first thing that happens on a solar panel is that particles of light hit the special panel. This panel has photovoltaic cells that are responsible for converting the light particles into electrical DC power. This is done by the cells knocking free electrons from atoms in sunlight. DC power is then converted into AC power using a converter and this is the native power source for your lights, appliances and everything else.

If you get enough sunshine that your home is totally powered off of solar energy and there is still more solar energy coming in, you don’t need to worry about your home becoming super charged! The excess energy is fed back into the normal power grid and often homeowners can receive a rebate off of their electrical bills at the end of the month! It really does pay — see what we did there? — go solar!

What does a solar panel do?

How Solar Panels work diagram

Without the solar panels installed, there is nothing to convert the solar energy into electrical current. The solar panels need to be in the right position and they must be connected to your electrical box in order to feed the converted power into your home’s circuits.

Sometimes the solar panels are responsible for power batteries so that the homeowner can rely on solar power overnight when there is no active sunlight to power the solar panels.

As more research is going into the use of solar panels, they are becoming smarter and more innovative. They can be programmed to swing around on axises as the sun rotates from east to west. However, most homes do rely on a static panel that doesn’t change with the sun. Both are effective!

Basically, the solar panel is the instrument that is required to convert solar energy to electrical current that homes and businesses require. Year after year, solar panels are getting lighter, easier to install and much more powerful so that they can provide cleaner, better quality power to modern homes.

Solar power is no longer a scientific mystery. It’s a tried and tested eco-friendly power source that can help you power your home on true, clean energy.

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