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Will your home benefit from Solar Batteries?

Technology has come a long way, and finally solar batteries or Lithium-ion batteries are making their way into our homes. Now are they worth it? Are they cracked up to what they’re supposed to be?

The solar age has seen over 3.5 million panels installed Australia-wide. And these panels have given a huge boost to homes all over Australia when the sun is shining high.  

And that’s all good and well if you’re there during the day to use all that energy. The fact is, however, that most Australians are not even at home during the day. So most of that energy gets sold back to the grid.

“But what about the feed-in tariff?” I hear you say. The feed-in tariff back in its hey day was between 44 and 60 cents, depending on your postcode. But unfortunately, energy retailers are only giving a fraction of that now (which is as low as 7c in some areas). This basically means you’re selling cheap energy to the retailers at off-peak times, only to buy it back at two or three times the price at peak times.  

Bring in the Solar Battery.

With a Solar Battery, you are no longer at the mercy of the energy retailers.  Use all the energy you produce by storing it in a battery, meaning at night time, your energy is looked after. Your home will benefit with a solar battery.

Small Home 1-2 People

Daily Energy Usage (Approx.) 10-15kWh/day Approx. Number of Panels 8-12 x 275W
Roof Area 16-18m²

Average Home 3-4 People

Daily Energy Usage (Approx.) 15-20kWh/day Approx. Number of Panels 14-18 x 275W
Roof Area 20-40m²

Large Home 5+ People

Daily Energy Usage (Approx.) 20-30kWh/day Approx. Number of Panels 18-36 x 275W
Roof Area 40-50m²

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