Energy Formula
Solar Power Program

Reduce Your Energy Bill Immediately

For all Qualified Customers, Energy Formula is providing a unique opportunity to be a part of our Solar Power Program. An initiative we set out to provide a Solar Solution to the Commercial and Industrial sector with no upfront costs or deposit required.

Solar Power Program

Installing solar panels with Energy Formula’s Solar Power Program costs nothing upfront and guarantees immediate savings.

Essentially, all you are doing is allowing us to install solar panels on your roof for free and retail you the energy produced from the solar

Energy Formula Solar Power Program

No Upfront Costs

Don't pay anything up front. Simply pay what you use in electricity.

No Deposit

That's right. No deposit is required - we provide the installation, equipment and maintanence.

No Maintenance Fees

Regular maintenance taken care of by the Energy Formula team. No surprises, no hidden fees.

Start saving immediately

Energy sold to you at a cheaper rate instead of grid power from the power company

How much do I pay?

Every kWh of electricity supplied from the solar power reduces the amount of kWh purchased from your current power company by a directly proportionate amount.

Start today

Why wait? Contact an Energy Formula consultant today to see if you qualify for our Solar Power Program

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