Top 5 mistakes in buying a solar system for your home

1) Waiting for prices to come down.

Yes, that could be true but how much money have you wasted paying for high electricity bills while you wait? Government STC incentives are getting less each year so you are missing out if you wait.

2) I don’t have any spare cash so I can’t afford to buy solar system for my home.

Not true. Sign up for our no deposit, interest free payment plan and pay no more than what you are paying for your electricity bills now. You can have solar on your roof and immediately cut down your electricity bills.

3) Choosing the cheapest solar system to save money.

Cheapest now may cost you more in repairs and not getting the amount of energy your solar system should produce. You get what you pay for. We can customise a solar system to suit your budget but we will not barge on quality and performance. All our products must have proven track records of reliability, backed by the best manufacturer warranty.

4) Feed in tariffs is only 7c these days, it isn’t worth buying solar system anymore.

It isn’t that simple! Some utility retailers are offering upto 19c in certain areas. There are other savings you haven’t considered. Let us crunch the numbers for you

5) I only need the smallest solar system because my electricity bills are not that big.

Even if you don’t use all the solar energy generated, you get paid for selling them to the grid, which could wipe out your electricity bills and potentially making some passive income. We recommend not going lower than 6.6kW so you could get the most from your solar system

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